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assessor was scheduled to -- he recognized him as the assessor who was scheduled to take pictures this morning. we talked with heflin by phone. he used to be a medic in loudoun county and immediately took off his shirt to stop the bleeding. within minutes, police and ambulance were on the scene. the victim was rushed to the hospital. police were able to get one of the attackers, a 15-year-old boy lives in the apartments behind a shopping center. if it had not been for the quick thinking of the others, it could add that a much more tragic ending. >> the good news is that the victim is expected to recover. he is in stable condition at a local hospital. the second attacker is still on the loose, police say. he is also a teenager. >> a vigil is planned for later this week for a local politician who died after an suv hit her
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while she was riding her bike in largo. 30-year-old natasha pettitte grobe was the green party candidate for the maryland senate race. the driver hit her, but did not stop. the driver said she thought she had an animal. once she was, she said she discovered the woman's bike still lodged under her suv and that is when she called police. >> last year, nearly 5500 people died and close to half a million were injured all because a driver was distracted. transportation secretary ravenwood said it would take an effort of tough laws -- secretary ray lahood said it would take an effort through laws and several new laws have really gone into effect to combat the problem.
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train operators are also not allowed to use their cell phones and mobile devices while on duty. police were busting distracted drivers today. what did you find out there? >> wease all kinds of things, people lighting cigarettes, each team -- we saw all kinds of things out there, people lighting cigarettes, eating, texting while driving. distracted driving is involved in 80% of the county accidents. >> this is what a police officer sees as he looks for distracted drivers. finding those who are doing something other than police -- paying full attention to driving is not difficult. >> the light is green. she is not moving yet. she has one hand on that steering wheel. >> police in fairfax county are running massive campaign to
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target distracted drivers. >> you were on your cellphone. and what were you doing tonight you do not mind me asking? >> i was just looking at an e- mail. >> distracted driving has been pushed to epidemic status. distracted driving cost this woman's son hehis life. >> the driver was not able to react in time and smashed into the pickup truck in for a ban. >> even this driver was pulled over today says she supports the enforcement effort. but i do not think that people should be texting while they're driving -- >> i do not think that people should be texting while they're driving. flex technology have allowed us to be able to do some things, but society ought to say, and no, we cannot be distracted by something like that it is just
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too dangerous. >> senate republicans are locked in an effort to appeal the laws banning gays serving openly in the military. a gay-rights group saw the provision as their last chance to overturn the don't ask, don't tell law. democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed. they had 56. >> baltimore police want to make sure that hospitals and emergencies are prepared in the case of a shooting like what happened at johns hopkins hospital. last thursday, you will recall paul pardus shot and wounded his mother's doctor and then went on to shot -- shoot his mother and himself. many medical facilities do have emergency plans in place, but any better communication with police. >> bedbugs in bedrooms, stores,
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movie theaters even, but libraries? the latest victim is the irvana library in frederick county, maryland. >> it was the well-trained eye of a library employee who used to work in the hotel industry that spotted the bugs in the book return last week. now the county is treating all of its libraries for a bug problem that is rapidly growing in the u.s. >> this tiny bug is causing a potentially big problem in frederick county. it today, the library remains closed after bugs were found in two children's books that were returned to the library last friday. erin did not know about the bug problem until after she brought her triplets' here this morning. >> it is kind of scary. >> materials that came in
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contact with the two infected books were bagged and remove from the building and placed inside a truck. >> the number of bedbugs is on the rise and so our products like sprays and mattress covers to prevent outbreaks. and exterminators as bedbugs has helped to double his business annually for the last four years. >> out in our area in northern virginia weaver not getting many calls until about four years ago. -- we were not getting many calls until about four years ago. now it is just phenomenal. >> the library will be reopened tomorrow. patrons hope it will not be a widespread problem. >> hopefully it will be resolved. >> the books in that truck will remain there until the temperature inside the truck
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reaches about 120 degrees. it is believed at that. all of the bugs will be dead. as for this facility and the others, they will be treated twice, now and again in 90 days. >> we are starting to sound like a broken record. it is not a bad song. another beautiful day here in september in the metro. but i cannot even recall the last time i saw a cloud. -- >> i cannot even recall the timlast time i saw a cloud. >> we are back into the 90- degree range. even though it is officially fall tomorrow night, it will not feel like it. do you see a cloud anywhere? i do not. spectacular weather. 79 degrees in stafford.
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look at these numbers. they are just where they should be this time of year. the upper 70's across the board. 78 in damascus. 68 in leesburg. on're the weather headlines a tuesday evening. fareed -- here are the weather headlines on a tuesday evening. here is another reminder that fall begins tomorrow night at 11 and 9:00 p.m. nine -- at 11: 9:00 p.m. -- at 11 and 9:00 p.m. >> a very active investigation going on at this apartment complex. a group of teenagers were walking three parking lot and it is a door ajar. they went in to inspect and said they saw an arm protruding from behind a door where on the ground.
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they opened the door and said a woman well known to most of the residents here was lying on the ground. they described an extremely bloody scene. she was rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead initially the call went out as a shooting. investigators are waiting for word on exactly what transpired. they're combing the area for clues and evidence and they are talking with witnesses. >> thank you, steven. there is h. reid -- there's a tree fight starting up and weaken the park. neighbors do not want these trees removed. >> this neighborhood that is very unique in washington is being destroyed. why are you doing this? >> it got heated in the middle of would lead park when workers cut down two huge trees to make room for two huge mansions going
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up. >> is this worth destroying an entire neighborhood? >> here is the problem. the neighbors want to stop the developer from destroying all of the trees. but the developer did not wait. >> i thought we had an agreement that no work would begin on the property. >> zuckerman properties' plans to build two homes on this lot. neighbors said within park is a historic and that building mansions would ruin it. we tried to talk to the developer, who showed up. >> there was a hearing that you were supposed to go to before this was does that then. what do you say to that? -- before this was supposed to happen. what 26 do you say to that?
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-- what do you say to that? >> coming up, the media world was all a twitter this morning after twitter got hacked. >> i am embarrassed and ashamed for the choices i made. >> the new allegations tonight against a wisconsin prosecutor resent bracy text messages to a domestic abuse victim. -- who sent bracy text messages to a domestic abuse victim. -- who sent bracy text messages to a domestic abuse victim.
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>> social media is now finding its way into divorce cases. >> facebook is becoming evident and could actually become a deciding factor in some cases. >> catching a cheating spouse can be as easy as checking their facebook page, or twitter. what that spouse might not realize is that secret dates could become evident. >> we read about celebrities supposedly caught cheating on facebook or twitter. now lawyers are using social networking sites to catch cheaters. >> this is the new ring that my boy friend just got me and my
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boyfriend happens to be married and his wife is looking at my page. >> that can be evidence in court. >> the day i told him i filed for divorce she went around telling people she was engaged. >> she is also concerned about what your kids could see on facebook. >> they saw pictures of p.m. and i was not ready for that. >> -- pictures of him and i was not ready for that. >> business trips. i'm supposed to be on a business trip in omaha, but here are pictures of me in cancun that began. that can be very dangerous. -- that weekend. that can be very dangerous. >> 81% of divorce lawyers said there is a dramatic increase of court cases using social networking evidence.
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>> very interesting. people were all a twitter this morning after twitter worth hacked. -- was hacked. popeyes contained cuts that could damage some computers. the problem was passed around 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> 8 officials have been charged in arrested with misappropriation of funds in bell, california. the district attorney's office said the officials misappropriated more than $5.5 million. several of the officials resigned following media reports that they were making several hundred thousand dollars per year. the city manager was getting nearly $800,000 per year. the woman who lied to police about a stranger of putting has interface now faces theft charges. she admitted that she tried to commit suicide by spilling drain
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cleaner on her face. she had been given over $28,000 in donations because she'd lied about how it happens. she spent $1,500 of that money and is now being charged with theft. >> take a look at that. the 500 people in the stands and you can see that they just collapse. 111 people were hurt. investigation is under way as to what caused the heart of the people. -- would cause the collapse of the stands. >> the utah national guard is taking the blame for this wildfire that is -- was sparked sunday during world fire training. it has damaged three houses -- it has burned three houses and damaged a fourth and charge
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2,800 acres. >> very quickly, in the moisture in the leaves and grass on the ground, it just takes a cigarette butt out of the car and a fire can start. it officially is summer, but we have had a break in the summer heat. it is coming back in a few days. we will wind up with a live shot in the frederick area. one cloud just after sunrise. a beautiful, late afternoon sunshine and warm temperatures capitol heights is 78 degrees and again, just a spectacular view. blue skies everywhere around the area.
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temperatures were in the '70s overnight. down to 49 in athens this morning. 55 for the overnight low in martinsburg. 62 downtown. 67 is the forecast lothian la plata tonight. -- is the forecast low in la plata tonight. the cat that, already 90 in columbus -- a look at that, already 90 in columbus, charleston. high pressure is going to be giving as beautiful weather, but it is moving off to the east. the wind direction is turning around to the south and southwest. 93 in cincinnati. the heat is on the way. three days you will see
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temperatures at or slightly above 90 degrees. then it will get cooler by the weekend. it will not get chilly, but just seasonal by the weekend. most of the eastern part of the country is virtually cloud-free, and join the same kind of beautiful weather conditions we have in our viewing area right now. this front is not going to make it through the area. it will just get close enough to our area that we could see some showers and thunderstorms popping up. the surge of warmer temperatures is increasing and we kind of keep that held off to the north a while longer. temperatures will start to come down a bit. sunshine tamara and starting off with clear skies. -- sunshine tomorrow and starting off with clear skies.
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in the next seven days here is what we're looking for -- oh, i've got to remind you about the change tomorrow night at 11:09. the autumnal equinoxes is right when we are directly south over the equator. the tropic of capricorn will not be at until the first day of spring. it will be hiked through the weekend and early next week. -- it will be hot through the weekend and early next week. >> it costs more to live as an obese woman that it does an than as an obese man. obese woman that it does an than as an obese man.
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with the most locations in the dc area,
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we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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>> after weeks of waiting we finally got to see them strut their stuff on "dancing with the stars" last night and the gained attention from "geraghty jansing" actually did pretty well. >> jennifer grey -- from "dirty actually did pretty
5:25 pm
well. it >> jennifer grey did well. rick fox earned the fourth spot. coming in fifth, reality star addi in the patrick. >> we wanted to get that one under our belts and hopefully we will get another shot. >> but the oldest competitors had the seventh, with henderson showing more skin than anyone expected. >> someone had to take the situation down a notch. the cracks and that she did. -- >> and that she did. >> he will have to see who will be the first celebrity to leave the dance floor tonight on "dancing with the stars" results show at 8:00 p.m.
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then watch the premier of the new show "beach royal one -- beach right 187." "detroit 187." >> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m., it is a rematch for governor in battleground maryland. tonight, bob ehrlich talks about campaign-and his chances of winning back the position. correct i will talk to -- >> i talked to local police agencies to discuss potential terrorist attacks. come on, guys! daisy! whoo! aah! [ female announcer ] lunchables cheese pizza -- now with mandarin oranges. because a great lunch, inspires great ideas.
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity
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in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. >> you are watching abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. with leon harris, leggmason singh, the chief meteorologist doug hill weather and sports. >> with a 9.9% unemployment rate, their coats -- there are calls for the city government to be more vigilant. >> dc law makers have
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implemented so-called first service agreement. at least 51% of their new hires must be d.c. residents. one activist says it must not be working. >> show me how many residents are on this project and we are gone. >> they showed up on a construction site today questioning if they were complying with the 51% rule. yet d.c. workers like williams say it got them hired. >> there's a lot of construction going on. >> at this project, the construction company told us they hired seven new people, all new -- all d.c. residents like this man. but a report filed found that only four of 16 projects met or exceeded the goal of having 51% d.c. residents.
5:31 pm
adding that on those projects, residents lost potential revenue of nearly $14 million. this facility, a home for the elderly, hired zero d.c. workers. a council member blamed mayor fenty for a lack of enforcement. but henderson, who is running for independence against thomas is blaming the am. >> district residents is not being -- is blaming him. residents are nottrict being hired. >> i think we will see a turnaround with what is going on. >> thomas insists that his projects in ward 5 are all in compliance. yet the d.c. auditor's report suggests that hundreds, if not thousands more of d.c. residents, would be working in d.c. actually enforce its rules.
5:32 pm
at this point, they are not doing that. >> police are investigating a homicide that took place overnight in the 1400's what of -- in the 1400 block of the street. an 18-year-old was found lying face down with multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> today, brad bell talked with the former governor to talk about the chances of heading back into the statehouse. >> republican candidate for governor, bob ehrlich, was among friends as he spoke to a lunchtime gathering in colombia. >> maryland is going to be back in business. it is in our hands. >> he believes in his promise
5:33 pm
and that it resonates with -- he believes in his promise to lower taxes and that resonates with residents like this. today's campaign is buzzing two promising signs. the first is a new poll that shows him within three points of governor o'malley. >> the government -- the era of margin is either a couple points up or a couple points down. that is good news. >> the former governor is also encouraged by increased support by the republican governors association, which today, joined the maryland race with a new attack ad on a martin o'malley. >> moving maryland backcourts. >> despite aid -- moving maryland backwards. >> despite a dead heat in the polls, ehrlich said he is
5:34 pm
attending at least two fund raisers -- fund-raisers today. of >> tomorrow we will look at the man who beat ehrlich four years ago to become the governor of maryland. we'll be talking to gov. martin o'malley on abc7 news at 5:00 p.m. degenaro malley announced today that the maryland fort -- the maryland work force exchange side will now bring in the jobless with employers. unemployment is now at 9.3%. >> two local children are part of a national group of youths being honored for their writing skills. they won first place in the nation in the pbs go writers' contest. the two were recognized for stories that they wrote and illustrated today at the library of congress.
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>> a group of d.c. area residents are accepting the challenge to go on a low carb diet for a month. this is part of a third annual loh car diet. they give up their car keys for 30 days and instead use public transportation or use the cars, which is a public transportation service. the charm card is now for sale. charm cards work on all of the bus rail and light rail systems. the only system that does not accept the card is no. train and compete -- commuter buses. a smart card will still say you back five bucks. >> coming up, the cost on obesity. the surprising report that shows why it might cost you a lot more if you are a woman.
5:36 pm
>> the father takes extreme steps to protect his daughter on the school bus. why he is apologizing to life. >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., donovan mcnabb addresses an >> coming up at 6:00 p.m., donovan mcnabb addresses an is
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we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at >> the florida father who gained
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national attention after getting on her daughter's best -- on his daughter's bus and threatening her alleged belize is apologizing to night. >> many people -- allegedly bullies is apologizing to night. >> many people expressed support for him. >> you are watching a man and his breaking point t nine. he got on his daughter's buys and ordered students to stop tormenting his daughter, who has cerebral palsy. earlier that morning, jones says his daughter broke down in tears, did not want to go to school, afraid to ride the bus because other kids hit and shouted at her, even through condoms at her. he confronts the middle schoolers and the driver. jones was arrested on two misdemeanor charges and released on bail.
5:40 pm
>> my daughter is not flowing to be hazed and kiev and touched on. -- is not going to be beating up and hazed and touched on. >> this morning he expressed regrets at the way he handled things. >> i would like to apologize to the children that were not involved in any of this. >> but many others expressed support for what he had done. >> jones could get 60 days in jail for each of those two misdemeanors, and his daughter was hospitalized for stress, is now switching schools. >> up next, racy text messages from a prosecutor to the woman he was defending
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>> the new accusations against a wisconsin prosecutor under fire for sending racy text messages
5:44 pm
to a domestic abuse victim. >> a law student says the prosecutors and her sexual text messages after she asked him for .elpin crime victims advocates are outraged. >> the prosecutor is supposed to do justice, to protect her from that kind of behavior and he is doing the same thing. it is craziness. >> he apologized for sending the texts, but refused to resign. >> a new george washington study says the cost of being obese is greater for women than men, but why is that? >> today, the win it -- the difference is in the workplace. of these men do not appear to be wages, buty reduced rage
5:45 pm
obese women are. >> once a week we are telling each other well we are doing and exercises we are doing and it is working. >> they were surprised by a new george washington university study that tally of the individual cost of obesity. the report on women's costs reached nearly $4,900 per year and men, nearly 26 hendrik annually. medical bills, health insurance, -- $2,600 per year. medical bills, health insurance, as well as lost wages. andou go to mcdonald's spend far less than you do that whole foods. >> [unintelligible] >> obesity is defined as a person with a body mass index of more than 30.
5:46 pm
obesity causes this country more than $130 billion per year and except in% of all u.s. medical expenses. on gw campus, at people were on different sides of the debate as to whether the government should be more in control. >> people need to make their own decisions. >> i think the only way for everyone to be obvious for a government mandate. >> of the city is more noticeable in this country, including in children. >> -- obesity is more noticeable in this country now than ever, including with children. >> 7 is on your side with a promising new fighting in the fight against alzheimer's. the researchers have discovered that a protein can show how
5:47 pm
likely it will be. lowering the protein levels can actually slow the progress of alzheimer's. in the meantime, marking all timers' day to raise awareness of the disease. >> brookeville's mayor and city council voted unanimously to keep the golf course from shutting down. they considered closing the course because it was losing money and replacing it with something else, may be a ballpark. they decided to look at ways to improve the course's operations. >> check this out. it is a 950 pound pumpkin in west virginia. friends joined forces to raise three giant pumpkins. the first one -- the biggest one is 954 pounds and is not done run yet. by october it is expected to be 1,000 pounds. growers have special seats for
5:48 pm
this and obviously they have figured it out. >> oh, yeah. >> feed me, seymour. [laughter] >> tonight at 6:00 p.m., at reaction from capitol hill because a bill revealing -- repealing don't ask, don't tell has failed and the u.s. senate. also tonight, donovan mcnabb is fighting a growing problem among children in this country, and that is, childhood obesity. why his efforts are in the guinness book of world records. that is coming up tonight. see you at 6:00 p.m. >> it gave us a head start on vanaman mcnabb. >> remember i told you yesterday there would be a change of running backs? oh, is there ever going to be a change of running backs. they have just released running back larry johnson.
5:49 pm
he has been ineffective. nyah that-tanyard loss to houston sunday -- he had that- tanyard loss to houston sunday that was really a loss. -- that negative 10-yard loss to a houston on sunday that was really lost. the team leaders say it is time to put it behind them. >> it really was a loss. i mean, who has eight or nine or 10 wins to get into the playoffs or who is not bad bill to get in. we can bounce back after a game like this -- who is not able to gain. if we can bounce back after a game like this. >> in the meantime, redskins signed tom poteat to a two-year extension.
5:50 pm
>> victoria neil lattimore dreaming counter today. the diehard capitals fan got to meet a rising star. trex i was the second person here this morning. -- >> i was the second person here this morning. >> she has decided to spend your entire vacation at the capital'' practice rain this week. >> lets the downin have a conversation and toxin attack -- some stats -- let's sit down and have a conversation and talk some stats. >> she was there with the media during last year's playoffs and has kept up with every day of trading day. >> i think the media has been quite a dent [unintelligible] >> i'm sure it a couple of entered the locker rooms and out.
5:51 pm
couple had entered the locker room somehow. we appreciate everything this lady does. >> we will have more on nadire -- larry johnson coming up at 6:00 p.m. there is a call for some hotter weather. >> three days, it looks like. we will be over the 90-degree mark. save this image because it will not be that many weeks down the road where it will be cold and drizzly and foggy and overcast. 75 in prince frederick. temperatures just about where they should be for a lot of portions in the viewing area. 80 degrees still in king george. 77 degrees in front royal. across the great lakes, cool
5:52 pm
air. across our area to the southwest, very warm air. back in the 90-degree range for tomorrow. we have had 62 days that we have had 90 or better. we might make that 65 by the end of the week. in the meantime, all good stuff weather-wise. partly cloudy and hot weather through thursday and friday. it will be a bit cooler by monday and tuesday. maybe just a chance of a shower as we head through the latter portions of the weekend. back to you. >> up next, if you heard a loud boom anywhere today, some new specialized training ought to
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>> we are looking at the beltway. traffic going away from us as the outer loop begins delays at the old georgetown loop and go to 638 in an in del. -- in an and dale. we also have the delays on the beltway in bethesda. the outer loop heading toward as in the sunshine beginning at colesville road, those delays go up to 270. the crash on 212 is now on the shoulder. back to you. if cracks if you are indeed -- >> if you are anywhere near quantico this afternoon, you may have heard explosions and car alarms going off. >> that is because the fbi was
5:57 pm
conducting a post-blast investigation course. >> at quantico, several local law enforcement agencies got a crash course in explosives. >> you can describe it to somebody in a classroom all day long, but you cannot get this in a classroom or to a tv. >> bomb technicians and crime scene investigators talked about how colmes work. >> every time it explodes -- how bombs work. >> every time a bomb explodes it leaves behind parts of what was in it. >> vein of the sights, sounds, even this smells of different types of -- they know the sights, sounds, even the smells of different types of explosions. >> that can help us
5:58 pm
investigative refine these subjects -- investigative lead find that the subjects. >> the largest bomb detonated was 25 pounds of explosives that sent a shock wave across the demo range. it sent an eye opening reminder that in the wrong hands, explosives are not only dangerous, but can be devastating. >> we have to try to prevent the ones that have not happened yet. >> that is all for us at 5:00 p.m. coming up at 6:00 p.m., don't ask, don't tell is still the law of the land. flags republicans blocked the effort to repeal the law. -- >> republicans blocked the effort to repeal the law. >> and going for a record, how donovan mcnabb is fighting for children and a place in history.
5:59 pm
>> live in hd, this is abc7 news at 6:00 p.m. on your side. >> gays in the military took center stage on the center for. the cracks caroline -- >> caroline lyders is live with reaction. >> it is a win for republicans, but for advocates of repealing don't ask, don't tell, they may have lost a crucial opportunity. >> daring the republicans to say no, democrats attended to repeal a $2,600 bill that authorizes military spending next year. that repealing the 17-year-old don't ask, don't tell policy had been an issue of rehr agreement for competitors. even conservative democrats were

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